Uganda Hiking Safaris

Uganda Hiking Safaris

Uganda Hiking Safaris

Hiking safaris in Uganda provide the best on-foot-walk experiences and consider them a must-do while in the pearl of Africa. Uganda is generally blessed with breathtaking landscape characterized by magnificent hills and mountains offering a great opportunity for hiking experiences. Interestingly, the hills and mountains in Uganda, each has more than a trail for hikers to explore and discover something unusual.

Rwenzori Mountain hikes.

 Found on the border of Uganda and DRC, Mt. Rwenzori is second after Mt. Kilimanjaro in terms of heights. It is unusual block mountain with snow on its summits, and its highest peak Margherita stands at Mount. Stanley rising at 5109m above sea level. While hiking through this magnificent block mountain, there are unique wildlife species to keep an eye, birds, reptiles, vegetation, primates to mention but a few. It takes enthusiastic hikers about 8 to 10 days to get to the highest peak of this dubbed Mountains of the Moon (Margherita). This is if you take the longest trail best known as the Central Circuit.

Mt. Elgon & Sipi falls hiking trails. 

Situated in Eastern Uganda, Mt. Elgon is one of the beautiful volcanoes in East Africa rising up-to 4321m. It is one of the highest mountains in Africa, ranked 8th in position and 4th in East Africa with its highest peak ‘Wagagai.’ The trails to expect to get to the summit of Mt. Elgon include the Budadiri trail also known as the Sasa trail or hike through the Piswa trails offering more gentle treks. The Sipi Falls hiking trail lead you up-to the triple falls that range according to their elevation with the highest at 100m, middle one at 85m and lowest at 75m. On average, it takes hikers about 3 hours to complete their exploration in Sipi falls.

Volcano hikes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. 

For a perfect volcano hiking experience, a visit to Mgahinga is worth your Uganda safari holiday. The park shelters not only mountain gorillas or golden monkeys but also 3 of the 8 Virunga Volcanoes. These include Mt. Sabyinyo (3645m), Muhabura (4127m) and Gahinga Volcano (3474m). Mt. Muhabura takes trekkers 5 hours on a tough hike to explore it, Gahinga offers simpler hikes while Sabyinyo requires you to be physically fit.

Hiking trails in Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest park isn’t only popular for game drives for you to see tree climbing lions but also for hiking tours. The 1978sq.kms protected area is blessed with lots of hiking trails that usher hikers into its diverse wildlife and natural endowment. To enjoy great hiking experiences on Uganda safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you must pay a visit to Maramagambo Forest, Kyambura Gorge, Mweya Peninsular (most ideal for mongoose tracking), Kalinzu Forest for chimpanzee tracking among others.

Mount. Morungole trail.

 Hike to Mt. Morungole about 8 hours along its trail while on tour in Kidepo Valley National Park. This mountain is inhabited by the Ik people who account for a population of not more than 11000.

The Semuliki valley trail. 

Semuliki Valley is blessed with varied trails worth exploring on hiking tour or nature walk. They offer a perfect ground for bird watchers or if you are interested in exploring the Sempaya hot springs.

Other hiking destinations in Uganda. Other places worth visiting for hiking safaris in Uganda include Kibiro Salt Garden and fishing village, Murchison Falls National Park, Mabira Forest, Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, Lake Mburo National Park, Kibale Forest, Bigodi Wetland, Kasyoha-Kitoma Forest, Batwa trail, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and many more.

Best time for hiking safaris in Uganda – the pearl of Africa. Uganda the pearl of Africa is open to all holidaymakers on hiking safaris all-year-round. To enjoy the best of hiking adventures in this magnificent safari country, the dry season is more preferred. Dry season begins from June to September or travel from December to February. Also, make sure you have good hiking boots-waterproof and must be sturdy.



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