Accommodation in Lake Mburo National park

Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park: Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s smallest savannah reserve and a popular overnight stop on safaris driving southwest to see gorillas in the rainforest highlands. Accommodation options in and around Lake Mburo National Park are as limited as the park itself. However, three of the most popular facilities, Mihingo, Rwakobo Rock, and Eagle’s Nest, will provide an exclusive stay. Lake Mburo lacks African safari powerhouses such as elephant and lion, which explains why it still lacks a variety of lodging options and thus attracts a small number of tourists. Despite its limitations, this small park offers excellent game viewing. In any Uganda savannah national park, you’re just as likely to see as many distinct savannah species in a single day.

Although game drives are popular, the savannah plains of Lake Mburo National Park provide excellent wildlife viewing on foot, horseback, quad bike, or biking. Visitors can explore the Eland Track on a two-hour quad biking safari from Mantana Tented Camp, or they can take the four-hour Ruroko circuit. It’s one of the most adventurous things offered by All Terrain Adventures in the savannah park. Mihingo Lodge offers horseback safaris in the park’s east, an exclusive Uganda safari activity available only in Lake Mburo National Park. The entire experience is tailored to your needs, and even children can ride ponies on this one.

The Park is proud to be home to some of Uganda’s best-kept secrets. As a popular safari destination with endless adventure activities, it has lured safari accommodation options within and around the Park that blend natural surroundings with forest-like architectures. The locations are extremely strategic in order to maximize views of the spectacular National Park and its lush vegetation, scenery, lakes, and surrounding wonders. Mantana Tented Camp and Mihingo are ideal for those who want to experience the heart of the wilderness in this park. When you stay in these lodges, you will experience the comfort in the Mburo wilderness.

Accommodation options range from luxury to midrange to budget. That is, regardless of your budget, the Park’s accommodations will never disappoint you. Camping provides a fantastic camping experience amid lush savanna and acacia woodland flora. Keep an eye out for Park residents such as warthogs, zebras, and other antelopes who will frequently pay you a visit in these campsites and lodging areas. Even before you embark on your gaming drive, this will astound you.

Budget Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

Rwonyo Rest Camp

Rwonyo Rest Camp is a low-cost option for those on a tight budget. The Uganda Wildlife Authority manages this low-cost lodge in Lake Mburo National Park. This camp was built with local natural materials such as grass and wood, to give you a truly African experience. When you visit this camp, you will come into contact with various wildlife such as antelopes, warthogs, and zebras who roam freely throughout the camp. The will undoubtedly put you in a safari mood.

Leopard Rest Camp

Leopard Rest Camp is the ideal economical campsite for all of your requirements. They offer a choice of lodging, activity, and safari alternatives for every type of traveler and are located just 1KM outside of the Nshara entrance gate. They accommodate groups of all sizes and have a wide area for overland campers! The lodge is eco-friendly, family-friendly, and budget-friendly. The new safari tents have a big veranda with amazing panorama views of the valley and are the perfect site to enjoy the sunset. They are thatch covered, elevated, and set on a beautiful wooden floor. Enjoy a high-end camping experience with the three new deluxe tents in three quiet locations by the bushes (Nature), with spectacular sunsets from the porch and stunning sunrises from the back door. The interior of the Deluxe tent features a Queen size bed (double), a family room, a triple, and huge outdoor baths beneath the African sky.

Eagles’ Nest

The Eagles Nest is one of the more affordable options in Lake Mburo National Park. It’s located outside Lake Mburo National Park. The Lodge is built on an elevated hill with a panoramic view of Lake Mburo National Park’s savannah scenery. The Eagles’ Nest is easily accessible by passing through the Sanga gate. Safari tents, which provide an enjoyable canvas African wild experience in Uganda, are also available in this resort. Each Safari tent has a separate verandah that adds to the comfort of your stay. Its restrooms provide a true wilderness experience. The night camp fire is always set up in this camp for those who enjoy camping. The lodge offers twelve safari tents with private verandas that provide a great view of the park surroundings.

Each room features two distinct informal lodging spectacular stylistic themes. Accommodations at Eagle’s Nest offer bandas as well as fully equipped tents. These bandas are built in the form of wooden caps with shared showers, whilst the tents are built on raised wooden stages with individual showers.

Mid Range accommodations in Lake Mburo

Rwakobo Rock

Rwakobo Rock is a lovely accommodation located in the Lake Mburo National Park scene. The lodge is positioned around a hill purposefully set on rocky edges to provide a spectacular view of Lake Mburo National Park. It is a collection of grass covered chalets with solar powered lights, flush toilets, sun powered warmed showers, and clean drinking water. This all blends into the natural environment. Appreciate the Wi-Fi in the eatery and central area. Aside from observing wildlife from your private verandah at Rwakobo Rock, you can also observe other Park dwellers at the dining area and by the swimming pool. Here, you may see water bucks, zebras, warthogs, impalas, and bushbucks. Staying at this lodge provides the most authentic African bush experience.

Mpogo Safari Lodge

Mpogo Safari Lodge is a tranquil and luxurious facility perched on a hill in the outskirts of Lake Mburo National Park in western Uganda. They invite you to come and experience the best of cultural tourism and the national park. Mpogo Safari Lodge is a mid-range Eco safari lodge that provides a magnificent service that caters to their customers’ needs. The Lodge is nestled in a tranquil setting that is cool and airy, ideal for relaxing your mind and body. Stay at Mpogo Safari Lodge and unwind in one of their ordinary rooms. They feature a variety of room options to accommodate both business and leisure clients. The majority of their rooms provide great views of Lake Mburo National Park. You can choose from single, double, or twin rooms.

Arcadia cottages

Arcadia Cottages are located less than two kilometers from the Rwonyo Park headquarters. Arcadia Cottages provide mid-range housing options around the Lake. Arcadia Cottage is an excellent spot to stay when exploring Lake Mburo National Park on either morning or evening game drives, taking a boat excursion, or getting closer to nature with a guided nature walk. Arcadia Cottages have a maximum of eight self-contained cottages that were designed around a central lodge style. Tourists enjoy great cuisine from the Lodges’ restaurant, relax, and take in the breathtaking views from the recently elevated built deck. As the sun sets, unwind by gathering around the open campfire and drinking a refreshing drink from the lodge’s well stocked bar. Frequent visitors to Arcadia Cottages include bushbucks, warthogs, impala and waterbucks that graze yards away.

Mburo Safari Lodge

Mburo safari lodge is another premium accommodation located within Lake Mburo National Park. Mburo Safari Lodge has safari cottages and a honeymoon suite. They are made on a wooden platform and have grass-thatched roofs. Lake Mburo Safari Lodge merges in wonderfully with the natural surroundings. The Lodge offers luxury cottages, a honeymoon suite, and a family cottage, as well as a fire pit in the greatest location. All of the rooms have flushing toilets and running showers with electricity. Visitors can bring their own safari tents or rent one from the lodge. Clients who want to camp can cook for themselves or purchase food from the lodges’ restaurant. The camping area is well-planned, leveled, and well-drained for camping.

Luxury accommodations in Lake Mburo

Mihingo Lodge

Mihingo Lodge is a luxurious safari lodge located on the southern edge of the pristine Lake Mburo National Park. It is a high-end tented camp that provides an outstanding African wilderness experience. Mihingo’s thatched cottages are made of natural materials that blend well with their environment. Guests can enjoy expansive accommodations, excellent food, rejuvenating wellness treatments, a dazzling swimming pool, and adventurous wilderness expeditions in absolute luxury. These tented cottages are self-contained and are built on raised wooden planks with the intention of providing a wonderful view of the wilderness. The discreetly located tents will allow you to get up close and personal with a variety of Park residents, including baboons, klipspringers, waterbucks, warthogs, eland antelopes, starlings, turacos, and hornbills, to name a few. You will cherish Mihingo Lodge for a long time, a genuinely unforgettable wilderness lodging experience. It is the ideal location for an Ultimate Luxury Tented Safari in Lake Mburo National Park.

Mantana Tented Camp

Mantana Tented Camp is a fantastic upmarket lodging facility located within Lake Mburo National Park. The camp was created to provide tourists with an amazing luxurious experience. At this camp, you’ll witness a variety of bird species as well as other animals such as warthogs, zebra, and Impala. Their staff are friendly and always happy to assist you according to your preferences.

The accommodation includes 9 tents built and nicely equipped with inside showers with hot and cold water, washrooms, and flush toilets to provide a magnificent perspective of Lake Mburo National Park’s delights. Each tent contains two beds as well as a mosquito net. There is solar electricity present, which may be used to charge your phones or batteries. The lodge includes a restaurant that serves wonderful dinners in both local and international cuisine. Supper tables are meticulously laid, and lamps illuminate the area, creating an extraordinarily nostalgic mood.



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