Hiking safaris in East Africa provide you a true African wilderness experience on an active foot-walk tour. Hiking tours are by far distinct from the usual game drives where tourists spend most of their time in a full-size 4×4 Land Cruiser viewing wildlife. Unlike game drives, hiking safaris take you on on-foot-walk adventure with possibility to explore East Africa’s diverse wildlife and other interesting attractions. East Africa is one of the most endowed regions in Africa with variety of outstanding safari destinations to explore.

This is the only region in the world where mountain gorillas exist and only trekked in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. During a typical hiking safari, we take you through thrilling experiences in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and many more countries. Our hiking safaris offer a perfect opportunity for you to complement your gorilla trekking tours or chimpanzee adventures.

Best places to go hiking in East Africa

Mt. Rwenzori (Mountains of the Moon). Mt. Rwenzori is Uganda’s tallest mountain and also an exceptional block mountain with snow on its summit. It is the 3rd world’s highest mountain gorilla and second after Kilimanjaro Mountain in Africa. Hiking Mt. Rwenzori takes many days about 8 or 10 to reach to Margherita peak (5109m).

Mt. Elgon. Shared by Uganda and Kenya, Mt. Elgon lies in Eastern Uganda and stands at elevation of 4321m. It is 4th highest in East Africa and 8th in African continent. However, it previously ranked the highest in Africa before it got eroded. Hiking safaris on Mt. Elgon get hikers to its highest peak – Wagagai peak. Mount Elgon protects the world’s largest caldera, expanding 50 by 80kms. This volcano lies within Mount Elgon National Park and can be hiked on Ugandan side or from Kenya.

Hiking through Virunga Volcanoes (Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo). The Great Virunga Massifs make up 8 magnificent volcanoes and these range in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. They include Mt. Muhabura with 4127m and hikes here last 5 hours; Karisimbi Volcano (4507m), Mt Sabyinyo, Nyiragongo, Mt. Gahinga, Mt. Nyamuragira, Mikeno and Mt. Bisoke (3711m).

Mt. Kenya. Located in Central Kenya, Mount Kenya (5199m) is an extinct volcano featuring rugged peaks. It is set in Northeastern Nairobi in Mount Kenya National Park. Hikes take you via a lush forest and moorland while on Kenya tour.

Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.Set within Kilimanjaro National Park, Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895m) is one of the world’s best places for mountaineering. It has a composition of 3 cones (Mawezi, Kibo and Shira). Hikes to the summits of Kilimanjaro Mountain can be done via anyone of the 7 routes; Shira, Umbwe, Rongai, Marangu, Lemosho, Machame and Mweka. Still in Tanzania, hiking safaris are perfectly done on Mt. Meru which is nestled East of the Great Rift Valley, 40kms from Kilimanjaro.

What to carry on hiking safaris in East Africa? The essential items to have while on hiking safaris in East Africa include sturdy hiking boots-should be waterproof, first aid kit, energy giving snacks, first-aid kit, daypack-waterproof, camera and adequate drinking water.